Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally we met Alvin!!

Finally sayang after days waiting to get to Lampung and see ka silvy's son, we did reach there safely, alhamdulillah.... you were so good during the trip, sleeping most of the time in your carseat, oh man i should have captured that! it might also be because of your antibiotic medicine you're taking at the time. maybe just little struggle to get you breastfed quietly to sleep.

anyway, we reached at, as usual, around subuh hours, waking up everybody else in the house, sorry endeh and paman2! and rested till it was midday. and so we met the baby!!, your dear cousin. i hope you will have a wonderful time to spend together as brothers growing up. he is a beautiful baby boy, who has not been named at the time, but his papa wanted to call him Alvin, but we'll see...

here's Malvin Akbar!

and here's Zahra

that's you and Endeh!!

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