Thursday, May 24, 2012

Waiting for due date.... on third little brother

Hi there boys.... i am now already past 40 weeks pregnant and latest due date is around 20-ish May....

I thought i should have your little brother already since two weeks ago, my maternity leave has passed almost a month now and i have been waiting and waiting.... try to get more surat from Qur'an to read on and pray more often filling the time. Yes, i do feel i should have talked to the womb and pray to god more often that i did during the pregnancy.

At the last check up, the baby already weighs 3,200 kg and the doctor also asked me to go for a CTG Scan or some sorts of name, i forgot... to see the baby's well being inside the womb and if there is a sign of contractions.... but not until now though....  Furthermore, i even lost the soreness and back or hip aches now compared to the bad ones i experienced two weeks prior. Kinda weird huh?? 

Well, i guess your little brother has chosen a date, later date that is best for him huh?.... let's hope it i not too late and the normal delivery procedure goes as planned ;).

anyways, so this is a shout out from me with a big belly in a cafe at Oakwood, drove here alone with a big MPV hehee...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lebaran 2011 without Papa

Me, Farrel & Fatih joined Kakek & Jidah at their BSD house, stayed one night there including the Malam Takbiran. We were so excited to have Om abang and Sasa with us. We played and played most of the time and i enjoyed the time feeling as the kid again, as my parents were there. I, as always also enjoy the moments where i get to take care of you both by myself during these kind of special occasions (want to be full housewife mode on hehee....)

Papa went to Aceh to accompany Abu Cik to visit old relatives, including Nyak Cik (your great grandmother from Abu Cik). Though he could not join us, i am sure the trip was worth it and meaningful for papa and Abu Cik. What was funny is that he mentioned having a hard time to find food, since nearly the whole town is closed for the Idul Fitri, no restaurants... so the culinary adventure was for next time maybe pah lolz... 

Bang Farrel during the long trip to Cikarang...

Fatih was so cute with the Peci on held by Om Abang, look at your face!
This was at the rest area

"yeayyyy.... aku dapet THR juga dongg"

Look at you two so focused on Bang Paye's Nintendo DS waiting for bed time

Aqiqahan Aljas Shahfarrel

Farrel's aqiqahan was for his 40th day after born, this was Kakek & Jidah's gift for us so they prepared everything at this occasion, (thank you kakek & Jidah...). With red and gold decorations, and your customized nursery altar of a car shape, with a mat to put you inside, it was so cute!

our Family Potrait

This is Jidah yut Begum cutting your hair

you stepping on the soil as part of the traditional procedures...

Baby Farrel on his "Pelaminan" made into a car shape

Farrel's 2nd Birthday

There was no plan for a party, mama and papa was busy with stuff at work, though no plan.... i recalled thinking that you deserve a more memorable moment or a picture of your birthday day.

So i did get a chance to stop by the nearby cake store for a cupcake for you to blow candles when you woke up in the morning, at least we did not miss the short Do'a moment and candle blowing moments ya Farrel... :)
Farrel, in the morning of 2nd birthday, just woke up welcomed by a simple cupcake from Dapur Cokelat

ihh..... bisa melirik gitu yahhh

 Hmmm... lucunya sayaaaang...

A gift from Om Rendy & Tante Ade, you first HotWheels track ;)

Supporting national Soccer team

I guess this was the final against Malaysia in 2010 or 09?? Papa left us that night to watch direct at the stadium GBK. So mama and you ngga mau kalah dong, we jerseyed ourselves up and went to watch at Tante Rheina's house with my cousins.

Garuda di Dadakuu on mama ;)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Welcoming Fatih...

Our second angel, Aljas Alfatih (Fatih) was born on March 8th, 2010 as a  healthy baby boy weighing at 3.6 kg, 52 cm at the YPK Women & Children's hospital at Menteng. This hospital was also where mama was born, many... many years ago.

Though the hospital had a "facelift" and renovated their front part into a nice building, they still have their "Anggrek" class rooms, (VIP intially) with the famous outdoor seating rooms for guests, this was what i like from the hospital. I enjoyed the time there, must say that i like their flower pattern robes ;)

Fatih, 2 days old

Thank you tante Ade for visiting...

FlashBack: Swim Team from Patra

Another nice memory from Patra House, this was another swimming time with everyone present: Papa, Mama, Arthur, Tante Ade, Om Randy, Tante Sasa & Om Abang

The Clan

"Haiyaa...." (typical farrel face when excited!)

The Dads on a swim race
look at their faces!! haha

us three...