Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grand Indonesia: 2 days in a row

Yes we did go to the new mall two days in a row. the first day was with tante Lia, arthur and Om randy. i was so bored at home so i called tante lia, and she was already on her way to the mall, so i followed her there.

your stroller was left in the car papa used to work, so i had to carry you around and your were getting so heavy i couldn't hold to so long. so when you were sleeping i'd put you in arthur's Quinny stroller, which is so yellow!

look how you pose - hmm... to be model

arthur yg ngga bisa diem....

this was the second day, we went with jidah, om abang, tante sasa and shopped for my birthday present. again, your stroller was left behind, so i looked back at the gudang at home, and found tante sasa's stroller and you fit in there perfectly. look, i hang Wawa, you first ever toy on the holder.

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