Thursday, July 30, 2009

Introducing... Farrel's Favorite Toys

This the mini Car Dashboard from ELC
We put it on the crib so you can also play with it, besides being in a stroller

this is called "orbit"
get it right?

this is "Obama"

one, is because he's a Zebra wich is black and white, and President Obama is a mix of African and Caucasian. Two, is because you got this as a present from Aqiqahan, which is around the time Obama was elected.

this is your piggy bank

it is already full now and we have to get you a new one. Mama always think that papa is putting in too big of money into that, like Rp. 10,000 or 20,000 bill? i think it can be used for parking tips or something, but he insisted, so you can be merry opening the piggy bank later on. well, he loves you...

Wait.... this is not yours... rite?
this is papa's! (laughing)

papa was into this Rubik cubic thing so much at the time. he googled it, he bought it twice. the first one broke, hihi.... and look at this one, it has numbers on it! he was trying to learn how to solve it i guess...

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