Friday, July 31, 2009

Just went from a casting!!

What a busy Friday!!

in the morning mama planned to go to the Mother & Baby Fair at least twice, well, the second time will be on Sunday with tante Sylvi, Malvin and hopefully, tante Ulva!! and Saturday, papa will go for an outbound trip with his work colleagues, so i thought ill come today which is its first day, so i can get to see when it is very full of people on Sunday, and still few visitors today.

so i called tante Ade, if she can company me, which she did! but then, around 10 pm, i got a text meesage from mba Bunga, a talent searcher? that there is a casting for Dancow in Slipi. so i thought, i will still going to go for the fair, and make it to the casting. Farrel's first ever casting!

well, i just got home now, just rested for a while with you, who is now busy banging the table!! and i think the casting went pretty well. the guy, Irfan was nice, you had moments where you were shocked by the toys he had for you, and decided not to smile or laugh. but you did in the end!

let's just hope you are the talent, Cerelac is looking for. Amien....

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