Wednesday, September 30, 2009

pardon the no posting period!!

Oh myy... Obviously, I have not been blogging because of all the recent occassions like Lebaran!! Yes, before I forget, everybody Eid Mubarak!! Minal aidin wal faidzin, especially to my close family and friends...

And yes my dear blog, I have been baking, preparing for mudik to lampung, doing my college projects....

There's tons of pictures already qeueing up to be uploaded and stories to tell!! My, I do want to posts every special moment of you son, here in this blog. Well, anyway, currently the pc's been fixed due to the many viruses, but wait hey I can do that at campus rite?

Sayang, u got the "campak" sickness too... I guess because of the delayed imunitation, due to ur cold and cough?? I love you alright, and by now, u're already getting better and losing the red spots :) I'm so happy...

Now, I just have to keep you gain back weight and get you well. I dun know why u dun really want to drink your milk from the bottle now.

Sooo... When is my sayang's birthday?? Ohh, in 2 months time!!

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