Wednesday, November 18, 2009

mama have been so busy preparing it, and at the same time, i am also having my finals, so all the studies for final tests and final projects are flooding my mind... that i think i am missing caring for papa too... i am just so nervous about having your party and get my projects as best as i can...

well, the party will be on this weekend and my projects, one by one, are being done. oh ya! before i forget, my lecturer suddenly decided to postpone a class, and because of that, the final project, which iiiiiisssss..... to hold a mini press conference, along with preparing for its "integrated" press release and press kit, is postponed and going to be held when?? the birthday day!! yeayyy.... thank you sir Dicky!! for... aaa nothing, i will make it! :)

anyway, here is a shot of the soon-to-be b'day boy

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