Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time for a post mama!

Owkayyy... so may stuff had gone by and i dont even know where to start, u've grown up so much, uve grown to have such a characteristic that make me miss u so much, every time i leave you, for school. which also is the reason why, ive been neglecting this dear blog, this cute little blog, which i love so much!! haha...

I cant describe how much uve grown, u have this face of yours now that only you have, not mama's and not papa's too... hihi i love u so much son. you are now already dozed off with papa, maybe because of the effect of the medicine for your fever and cough. we just went to the doctor after a long time since u never have ur immunisation until u're 18 months old. u had a really high fever and bad flu, i just gave you Tempra and a "racikan" from the doctor.

Oh yaaa... and still not drinking your formula milk! why son? right now, u are just taking in my breast milk and food, well i just bought you a chocolate flavored formula, and i hope you like it. ill start tomorrow alright?! the doctor said that u need to have that in you, since ure already running here and there and talking all the time!

Yes, this little Farrel oy has responded to most of my questions. he can say "mama", "papa", "nenen", "nanaaa" means kesana or there, "ini" means this. and so many other stuff!

I also try to start disciplining you, i'll say "no, no" and you already understand that you can't continue what you're doing at that moment. and you'll get scared. Oh, it's funny to see your scared face! ull block your eye with your hand, and try to glance at me here and there, and ill open my eyes wide! 

Well baby, that's for your own good yaa... it's good now that u understand when i say it's wrong, so u now which is right and wrong.

and get ready for the good news: finally!!!!

We are moving!! yayy!! 

my eyes are teary with happiness, so long have i been waiting for this time to come, so we will have our own house, and settle beautifully as a family.

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