Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Farrel's 1st Birthday Photos ARE IN!

Finally, oh my, i don't know how long i have been neglecting this blog, which i love so much. and now firstly, i have to pay my debt first to the readers; haha like there is any! of course, thanks to you guys reading this post right now, or maybe just to Farrel one day in the future :). yes, what else but the pictures of Farrel's first ever Birthday Bash!

The Smash Cake

Blow those candles, on the cupcake tower!

Hmmm.... yummyyy

Waa... Om Abang nihh! Belepotan dehh
Look at Farrel's face filled with whipped cream but still ready for the camera!

Asiikk..... dapet kadoo

The Birthday boy

Fun games with Om Badut

With Tante Anti and her cousin :)

The blue one is electric can move with its own pedal, a gift from Prowell Energy
The green one is a special request from mama hihiii... a gift from Kakek. PS: i requested to kakek asking for "a green and white american branded car made out of plastic, that move with feet", and he chose right!

This was Farrel amoong his amounting birthday gifts.... thanks to all guests!
i am so happy they love you ;)

Sayaaaangg Fareeel.....

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