Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Found photos: Home Welcoming You!

This was about two days after you were born, the day we left the hospital, and brought you for the first time to our home. back then, we still stayed at Grandpa Ermin's place.

They Managed to pull off a surprise decoration, just to welcome you! See how much they love you. The front door of the house, the baby room, is decorated with a gate made up of balloons.

Family was there to see you, Endeh and Aunties.... i remember you just stayed asleep comfortably in your car seat, but everybody wanted to see you awake and see your eyes opened. Yes, they eventually opened when i changed your diaper.

This is a set of decoration, from Auntie Sylvia

See how cute you are!

That's me!! hihi... still so plump and swolen from the pregnant weight!
Notice the sign? "Welcome Aljas Rafael"
Yes, we did plan to name you Rafael

That's you and Endeh

My Baby Boy, Aljas Shahfarrel

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