Monday, April 16, 2012

Blog Abandonig; Long Story Short

wow.... it has been too long, 2010 since my last post?

it must be the organizing too much post material thing, the stuff that came across my mind before i decide to post will be hmm... which pictures? ohh... too many... since i like to capture so many for one of your single action. main points? yes, i do have a pressure of being a good or at least entertaining writer for this blog, for at least for 4 of my followers ;). end yes, too many thinking obviously, i guess i have to do this now that i have so much to cherish from my two boys, Farrel & Fatih.

Yes, i have two sons now, Aljas Alfatih (Fatih) was born in early 2011, weighing at 3,6 kg 52 cm. He was a cheerful baby since the beginning, with skin so fair people like to envy. he is now one year and one month old now and already running around the house, very laughable andable to play on his own.

 A photo session at Hocus Focus

My adorable baby boy, Fatih

Alhamdulillah, Farrel has grown to be such a great big brother as well, how can i thank enough for these two boys? :) (terharuuu...)

Now, i am expecting again, for the third time :). already 8 month pregnant, And it is going to be BOY! agaaiin..... Alhamduuu-lilllahhh... so far mama is healthy, busy as ever at the office, gotta admit i enjoy being working pregnant woman, so though i have so high appetite for food and sleep, my job keeps me active and things organized at home as well. i must say this time, pregnancy makes me more sensitive of people's saying more than ever before, more "bijak" (apa yah englishnya, nanti deh liat dictionary yg ptg post!), and "galak" hehee....

So boys, i will try to be here and catch up on pictures and stories i can gather briefly.

Love you three soooooo much!

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