Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Farrel's 2nd Birthday

There was no plan for a party, mama and papa was busy with stuff at work, though no plan.... i recalled thinking that you deserve a more memorable moment or a picture of your birthday day.

So i did get a chance to stop by the nearby cake store for a cupcake for you to blow candles when you woke up in the morning, at least we did not miss the short Do'a moment and candle blowing moments ya Farrel... :)
Farrel, in the morning of 2nd birthday, just woke up welcomed by a simple cupcake from Dapur Cokelat

ihh..... bisa melirik gitu yahhh

 Hmmm... lucunya sayaaaang...

A gift from Om Rendy & Tante Ade, you first HotWheels track ;)

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