Monday, May 25, 2009

1st wedding anniversay!

sayang... today is mama papa's first anniversary, last night at midnight i surprised papa with lovey dovey cupcakes that looks supercute! and with a candle lit on top of it. not forgetting today is also abah's 56th birthday! i just finished making his set of a hot rod themed cake and cupcakes... they turned out so nice! i am just excited to practice my skills in cake decorating

here's the lovey dovey cupcake
by Divine Delish

well, what always wanders in my mind when i leave this blog is how much i want to write about all your growth developments... it seems that i always forget about the little things i wanted to write.

well ok, currently, you can already sit and stabilize but just for a minute maybe, then you'll tilt sideways, :) so cute... and you can stand so strong, but this you can already did since you're about two months old. hmm... then oh ya, you're starting to crawl. you can already reach something that's about a meter away from you. of course it's all on. and somehow, i think you prefer playing with remote controls,or hand phones than your colorful toys. i don't know why... despite all the greyness, i think you're really into pushing those buttons.

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