Thursday, May 21, 2009

Farrel's current diet

yes, before i forget, currently, your diet includes my ASI, baby porridge and vitamin. it was only 4 days ago i think, that you had your first meal! i recorded it on video too.... you were so cute sayang!

speaking of ASI, i breastfed you exclusively until you were 5 months old i think, then i started having full day class at campus, i couldnt keep up with pumping that much breastmilk. since then, i decided to give you formula milk, BMT Platinum whenever i'm off to campus. thankfully, until now i still trust Mba Siti to take care of you and i think she has done a pretty good job. hopefully, she will carry on being truthful ya!

papa n i went for the hunt for your first meal at carrefour, we had no idea about which is better which is not, so as usual, your very curious parents asked the SPGs there. it was either Milna, or Nutricia. though nestle has a e really good packaging, but we didn't consider it since the brand is included in the blacklist brand months before for including melamin in their production. well milna is in the same group as your formula milk brand, BMT from Morinaga. we compared the nutrition and milna is more nutritious. i saw that the SPG's uniformed is encrypted nutricia, thus she kept on informing that their porridge is more digestible n bla bla bla.... well we still picked out Milna. we chose the flavor ayam bayam for u. there goes your first meal...

when we reached home n i saw the package again, it say "penambahan berat badan". i mean, i thought i had gone through everything when we were in the store, because i'd say u dun have to be so big, as long as your healthy and enough with ur nutrition, i'm happy.

today, is your fourth day trying to eat, and I'd say your getting better at it. at first i thought, oh man we're never gonna get this kid eat! because you were so struggling, trying to move your head and body and i couldn't keep you still. what was so stressing is of course your cries, you really didn't enjoy it but everyone assured me that it was supposed to be like that for babies, so slowly i kept on feeding you. and look now, you can swallow them better, though you're still crying but we managed to finish the portion sayang!

anyway, i kind of think that you're not really enjoying this ayam bayam flavor we tried to find another more sweet flavor, like banana maybe, because that's what Arthur like.

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