Wednesday, May 27, 2009

After the doctor Visit

well, like i predicted, the visit leaves your sickness unclear to me, this doctor, he's just not communicative enough. i tried to get another doctor, there were 2 other available ones, one is old woman whom the nurse says will still be the same case as Dr. Nana, and Dr. Tiwi is in another building so might as well, just go for what i know.

so you had a fever, and a cold and cough that leads to the red eyes you're having right now. anyway, the doctor gave you about 4 different medicines. not so excited about that.

after the visit, i took you back home, gave you the medicine, breast-fed you, well you still didn't fall asleep, but you were still so weak. 

i really do hope  you get better soon, because insya allah this weekend we're going to Lampung, to welcome Aunt Sylvia' new baby!. yes, welcome baby boy Ufu!! welcome to the family, and Farrel is more than delighted to welcome you and befriend you as a brother, best friend and family.

Ndeh called mama's number last night, informing about the birth. the baby boy was born wighing 2,7 kg, and 47 cm tall just after maghrib, Alhamdulillah right now i just cant wait to know the boy's name, so i can bring him cupcakes! hihi... teteeeep...

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