Thursday, May 28, 2009

mama's infected

farrel, mama ketularan nihhh....

oh my, i kept scratching my eyes yesterday at class, cause it itched so bad, not knowing that i'm getting the virus! so it swelled like hell today, and hurt even worse!. next time, just stay in your room if someone's sick in the house okayyy son.... i'm sure you got this from aunt sasa, right? right?

so, despite the pain, i kept thinking whether i can make it to Lampung's trip tomorrow, and hopefully papa's not gonna be infected too, because he will be driving all those miles awayy... he mentioned that his eyes are starting to itch since this morning but let's just hope he won't stracth them stupidly like i did.

today was quite hectic, with hose teary swollen eyes, i had to bake, get ready for my class which i can not 'cabut' because the class will be reviewing an upcoming test, and in that class, my eyes is made worse by calculating all those numbers, so i gave up, i left home early, thx to Miss Ina.

i'd love to upload more pictures, like the ones from abah's birthday, etc...
but currently i just dont have the time. so, hopefully by the next post aite!

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