Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Visit to Prowell

Besides, getting your mama's new artisan mixer, we also had a short visit to abah's office at the Bellagio.

and ya, i had some time taking pictures of you getting dressed up, we were trying to try on this military hat that comes in with a matching pair of shoe on you. so cute!

waa kena mata ni atittt!!!

and there's one really funny, but rather dangerous incident happened. you were on my lap, and i was sitting down at the chair in front of abah's desk. remembering that you just learned on how to sit down, and upon seeing the wide surface of the desk area, i decided to make you sit on the desk. for seconds, you enjoyed playing there, and so i took my camera to capture that moment. and "oh no..." i thought i deleted all the pictures in there but the card was somehow still full! i was trying to get it work, until "ya ampuunnn...." you lost your balance sitting up, and bumped into the glass full of water, which then spilled into, guess what.... abah's papers!!

oh my.... just seconds i took my eyes off you, something happened! it was not only you, but the papers, god knows what those papers are relevant for.... so i called mba ade, the secretary to look at each of the spilled papers, and see if she can quickly recovered the information together again.

anyway, although i am still struggling to sleep and feel very restless, i am so excited about my new mixer, the color is ice blue, because you chose it right? blue for farrel :).

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