Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lebaran 2011 without Papa

Me, Farrel & Fatih joined Kakek & Jidah at their BSD house, stayed one night there including the Malam Takbiran. We were so excited to have Om abang and Sasa with us. We played and played most of the time and i enjoyed the time feeling as the kid again, as my parents were there. I, as always also enjoy the moments where i get to take care of you both by myself during these kind of special occasions (want to be full housewife mode on hehee....)

Papa went to Aceh to accompany Abu Cik to visit old relatives, including Nyak Cik (your great grandmother from Abu Cik). Though he could not join us, i am sure the trip was worth it and meaningful for papa and Abu Cik. What was funny is that he mentioned having a hard time to find food, since nearly the whole town is closed for the Idul Fitri, no restaurants... so the culinary adventure was for next time maybe pah lolz... 

Bang Farrel during the long trip to Cikarang...

Fatih was so cute with the Peci on held by Om Abang, look at your face!
This was at the rest area

"yeayyyy.... aku dapet THR juga dongg"

Look at you two so focused on Bang Paye's Nintendo DS waiting for bed time

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