Thursday, May 24, 2012

Waiting for due date.... on third little brother

Hi there boys.... i am now already past 40 weeks pregnant and latest due date is around 20-ish May....

I thought i should have your little brother already since two weeks ago, my maternity leave has passed almost a month now and i have been waiting and waiting.... try to get more surat from Qur'an to read on and pray more often filling the time. Yes, i do feel i should have talked to the womb and pray to god more often that i did during the pregnancy.

At the last check up, the baby already weighs 3,200 kg and the doctor also asked me to go for a CTG Scan or some sorts of name, i forgot... to see the baby's well being inside the womb and if there is a sign of contractions.... but not until now though....  Furthermore, i even lost the soreness and back or hip aches now compared to the bad ones i experienced two weeks prior. Kinda weird huh?? 

Well, i guess your little brother has chosen a date, later date that is best for him huh?.... let's hope it i not too late and the normal delivery procedure goes as planned ;).

anyways, so this is a shout out from me with a big belly in a cafe at Oakwood, drove here alone with a big MPV hehee...

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